UFO Footage Over California Ehnanced: What Is It? (Video)

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A video of a UFO over the skies of San Rafael, California, takes on new significance after the footage is inverted and enhanced. What looked like a glowing orb at first, takes on a different shape and flies erratically, like no known aircraft. What is it?

The video, recorded on Saturday, seems routine enough at first glance. It’s shot through the front windshield of a car parked in a shopping mall lot. The videographer notes that the original video was recorded with no sound.

The music track laid over instead doesn’t help the credibility of the UFO sighting, but that changes when the video’s color is “inverted” and the unidentified flying object reveals some previously unnoticed details.

The OVNI flies shakily through the sky and performs a number of cartwheels and turns as its wings vibrate from side to side. It’s obviously under some pilot control. A moment later the UFO begins to descend in a perfectly straight line as it disappears behind a building. What is it?

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is this a UFO? Or can it be explained another way?

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