UFO Galaxy Photographed by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope discovered the so-called UFO Galaxy. Pictures of NGC 2683 show a beautiful spiral galaxy from head on view, which is located in the constellation Lynx. Have you seen the stunning, otherworldly photo (pictured below)?

File:NGC 2683 Spiral galaxy.jpgThe reason why this new discovery was dubbed the UFO Galaxy is because the Hubble photos of the galaxy show it as the classic saucer shape of a science fiction unidentified flying object.

Because of NGC 2683’s light signatures, astronomers believe that it is a barred spiral galaxy even though these head on photos do not actually show that. It is wonderful to have the extra photos to look at, but thankfully astronomers can learn about the UFO Galaxy through all the details they have learned rather than just by viewing the pictures.

Amazingly, Hubble finally captured this stunningly detailed photo of NGC 2683, but William Herschel actually first discovered the galaxy on Feb. 5, 1788. Can you believe it took this long to get such beautiful pictures? Isn’t it amazing that NASA was able to obtain the photos using Hubble?

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