UFO News: FAA Says Falling Debris Not from Any Known Aircraft (Video)

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In the most significant UFO news to date, FAA officials are baffled by a piece of metal which crashed through the roof of a furniture warehouse in Plymouth, MA on Thursday because the debris does not belong to any known aircraft.

The 5-lb. chunk of metal was discovered on the floor of Michael’s Wholesale Furniture Distributors after workers noticed a giant hole in the roof and the office below in disarray. Police were called in but soon turned the matter over to the FAA when they could not identify the metallic object.

A piece of metal crashed through the roof of a Plymouth business. (Photo Credit: Kathy Curran)

“We have no idea what it is. At this point, we can only speculate,” said Plymouth police Capt. John Rogers. “This would have had to come through with some significant force or velocity to get through the warehouse roof and cause damage.”

That means the object must have fallen from a great height and was not the result of some kind of explosion nearby on the ground.

A local FAA official, who was not identified in the report, said that he has “no clue” what the object is. Pictures of the debris haven’t led to any conclusions either, as the piece looks to be completely solid and cylindrical.

Can this UFO news be the Holy Grail UFOlogists have been looking for? Is it possible the debris fell from an unidentified flying object? Further tests are being conducted and more FAA officials are traveling to Plymouth for a more detailed examination.

Stay tuned.

Here’s how the local CBS affiliate reported the story:

Image courtesy of CBS Boston

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