UFO News: Florida Panhandle Object Enhanced – What Is It? (Video)

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With UFO news breaking every day on the web, any enthusiast is forced to slog through fakes, misidentified aircraft and hopelessly shot amateur video. But once in a while a video comes along which sends chills up and down the spine.

The video below is the latest example of an unidentified flying object caught on tape in a remote area which, seemingly, has no business being there. The video caused quite a stir soon after it was posted to YouTube, but this is the first instance in which the video has been enhanced.

What sets this video apart is the spooky nature of the craft as it silently emerges from a cloud bank (on an otherwise clear night) and shows off its revolving light display as it glides through the air.

There are plenty of videographers passing off fakes as UFOs, and one sure giveaway is to model on object on a well-known example promoted through mainstream media.

If this UFO doesn’t look exactly like the one from “Close Encounters” then eyes deceive more easily than expected. Still, it’s a hair-raiser, because of the difficulty in reproducing such an awesome sight with camera tricks.

This “Florida Panhandle UFO” sighting was originally spotted in late November and has become known as the “I-10″ video. It suffers from the usual complaints: it’s not well-focused and filmed from too far away.

But the UFO News site, UFO Casebook, took the original footage and enhanced it further. The result is even scarier.

Have a look at the original, then head on over for the zoom.

What do you think? Is this evidence of a real UFO? If not, what is it?

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