UFO News: Mexico City OVNI Enhanced and Analyzed (Video)

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Unique UFO footage of an object hovering over Mexico City, and filmed from two different angles, has been enhanced and poses more questions than answers. What is it?

The two videos are strung together in a 4-minute sequence with a magnified image in the lower right corner. The OVNI mystified witnesses for days after it was first posted on YouTube on March 13, 2012. Without the enhancements, it’s easier to say it’s just a balloon, but even without the magnification no one was able to explain how the object hovered in one place for so long.

The enhanced version dispels any notion that the object is a balloon as it changes shape, displays onboard lights and what look like the windows of a ship.

The video has been compiled by an organization investigating UFO sightings, and some spooky dramatic music has been added to amplify the atmosphere. Although the music unintentionally dampens serious analysis of the video, it still leaves one questioning what this unidentified flying object really is.

Here’s the video:

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