UFO News: OVNI ‘Mother Ship’ Explodes Over Tijuana (Video)

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In the latest UFO news, an unidentified flying object “exploded” into smaller discs over the skies of Tijuana, Mexico, on Christmas Day. What was it?

The stunning video below shows a glowing orb in the skies over the Tijuana-San Diego border in the twilight of December 25, 2011, as the cameraman struggles to keep the object in frame.

As he and another witness converse, in Spanish, the orb is finally focused in properly and can be seen clearly. It looks like no conventional aircraft and is hovering overhead.

Suddenly (at about the 2:00 mark in the YouTube video) the object (called an OVNI in Mexico) “explodes” into many smaller discs.

What’s amazing is that the central object continues to glow and hover while the smaller discs which came from the main body maintain their altitude and position in relation to the central object.

This startling piece of UFO news is remarkable because of the length of the event and the clear quality of the video.

The witness describes the UFO on the YouTube page as an “orb” and a “Mother Ship” which somehow survives what looks like an explosion. It manages to stay aloft, stay brightly lit, hover and maintain a relationship to the “orbs” dispersed from its central mass.

What is it?

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