UFO News: Russian Protesters Film Unidentified Flying Object in Bolotnaya Square (Video)

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Russia is no stranger to UFO news; and on Saturday, December 10, 2011, one of the strangest videos yet was made as protesters gathered in Bolotnaya Square to fight for democratic elections.

Thousands were gathered to protest the election of Vladimir Putin, who many claim stuffed ballot boxes, and to seek out a recount or new vote. Naturally, when so many are gathered, even peacefully, police use whatever means at their disposal to watch the crowd and guard against violence.

Some who have seen the video below claim the unidentified flying object hovering hundreds of feet above the crowd is some kind of surveillance tool.

But such a craft has never been filmed before. Do the Russian police have a secret weapon unknown to the West?

The object looks more like something out of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks and not very aerodynamic at all. How can it maintain such level and smooth flight? Pulsating lights on either side are clearly seen and its mode of hovering is not of any, so far known, kind of aircraft.

Here’s the video. What do you think? Is this real UFO news, or can this object be more easily explained?

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