UFO News: What is the Trekhgorny UFO? (Video)

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In the latest UFO news, 3 different Russian citizens filmed the same ghostly, unidentified flying object over the town of Trekhgorny, Russia. It appears to have its own cloud. What is it?

One video of this object is enough to make UFO news around the world. But to have three separate people videotape the same object only adds to the mystery.

Of all the various explanations given for UFOs by non-believers or serious investigators, none cover this particular phenomenon. How does an object generate its own cloud cover?

Although each of thee videos is filmed on what appear to be low-quality camera phones, the effect is the same in all of these independent sightings.

The silver, lighted object in the center of the cloudy orb is zooming along at a good pace. It’s entirely possible it’s just conventional aircraft.

But what kind of aircraft known to science generates its own enveloping cloud? Very spooky…

Have a look. What is it?

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