UFO? Or Polar Cloud? What is It? (Video)

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A series of time-lapse photos taken outside the Neumeyer Station in Antarctica have UFO hunters wondering if the object filmed is an unidentified flying object or a strange cloud. Could it be both?

In the video below, the photos are strung together to show a strange cloud flying over the polar observatory as the position of the rising sun is being charted across the sky. But the cloud is of the lenticular type, one rarely seen in the region.

UFO theorists for years have speculated that clouds are perfect cover for spacecraft trying to evade detection on Earth. And the polar regions have long been suspected of hiding alien bases because of their remote location and harsh condition.

But with the expansion of human habitation into even the most extreme environments for scientific exploration, and the proliferation of sophisticated camera equipment, it seems their cover may have been blown.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Could this be a UFO? Or is it just a strange cloud formation?

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