UFO Over Denver Stuns Newscasters, Appears Daily Between Noon and One P.M. (Video)

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A UFO over Denver is causing quite a stir as no one can seem to identify the flying object that launches every day near the city center around noon. It’s too fast for the naked eye to see, but caught on camera—by an amateur cameraman and the news station cameraman—you can definitely see something is there.

It’s a strange occurrence, especially since it appears almost everyday in the same spot at the same time. Would a real UFO actually do that?

News station Fox 31 sent out an investigative reporter to check out the validity of the story and was shocked to find that the object actually exists. An aviation expert says that he can’t identify it, saying it is not a plane, not a bird and not a helicopter. Not even a bug.

The FAA and NORAD say they have no reports of air traffic in the area at that time or on the days mentioned.

So what is it? Is it a true UFO over Denver?

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts!

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