UFO over New Orleans Makes the News (Video)

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A UFO witness from New Orleans, who wishes to remain anonymous, nonetheless appeared on camera for the local ABC News affiliate with evidence of an unidentified flying object he captured on camera one early morning last week.

Sighted over the old French Quarter on July 19, the man says he was out in the early morning to photograph the historic riverfront. As he turned a corner to return home, he was startled by an object hovering in the sky over the famed rooftops of the area.

As shown in this photo, the object is fairly far off and the witness had time to snap only one photo before the UFO disappeared from view. The picture itself doesn’t reveal much, but the ABC News team enhanced the image further and those pictures are included in the video report filed below.

The sighting is significant because of the coverage by local media, something that is happening more often, and because the object seemed to just disappear in the blink of an eye.

Here’s the video:

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