‘UFO’ Over Russia Was a Meteor—Incredible Videos Flood the Web (Video)

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The ‘UFO’ reported over Russia Friday morning was actually a meteor which blew up in the atmosphere. But not before sonic booms broke windows and injured hundreds of witnesses. Dozens of videos flooded the web, and the best one, so far, is attached here.

What at first was thought to be a meteor shower turned out to most likely be a single meteor, seen by thousands of different people in a vast area of the Ural mountains. Many of those witnesses had cell phone cameras and snapped incredible photographs of the rare event.

But it was the amazing array of videos which immediately flooded the web which helped to report the story just minutes after it occurred.

According to CNN, the meteor caused widespread damage, but injuries seemed to be the result of broken glass from blown out windows. The meteor streaked past at just after 9:00 a.m. on a brilliantly clear morning.

That’s why the images returned were so clear and startling. Among the best was this video, taken by a motorist stopped at an intersection. The full flight path of the meteor can be seen before the leading edge of it evaporates in the atmosphere.

It certainly explains why so many people thought they were seeing a UFO in the sky.

Here’s the video:

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