UFO Revealed by Gigantic Sun Flare (Video)

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A UFO video on YouTube reveals a spectacular sight. It shows a closeup of a gigantic sun flare rippling out into space. Suddenly, a large, square object shows itself hovering in its midst. How can it withstand such incredible heat? What is it?

Videos of this kind have surfaced before, and the traditional explanation is lens anomaly. But that doesn’t seem to fit what is shown in the video below.

The unidentified flying object is completely enveloped by the tongues of licking flame, all of them thousands of miles in length and thousands of degrees in temperature. There’s no way this thing can be a lens flare anomaly, because it can be seen dipping in and out of the tempestuous furnace.

Closeups and slower speed of the segment show there is clearly a definable UFO resisting the maelstrom. What thing in the known universe could possibly withstand such a conflagration?

It’s truly one of the more incredible videos of its kind.

Here it is:

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