UFO Secret Base Beneath Lake Ontario?

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Some UFO mavens believe there may be a secret alien base under the floor of Lake Ontario near Toronto. Don’t scoff. This is an enormous universe, and there are many unexplained mysteries which human beings will never comprehend.

So, why would extraterrestrials choose Lake Ontario for their hideaway? Well, despite being the smallest of the Great Lakes, it remains the 14th largest body of fresh water on the globe. So, there are many places to hide under there without being detected. What’s more, there is a power plant located in close proximity, which may have attracted the ETs in the first place. Over the years, this picturesque region has been the site of several airplane and ship disappearances, and is half-jokingly referred to as the Great Lakes Triangle.

Skeptics may roll their eyes, but many reputable people believe in UFOs and life on other planets. And, if aliens are monitoring the human race, what better place to hide than under a sea floor which is 800 feet deep? Skywatchers wonder about the presence of a secret alien lair, because there have been many UFO sightings in the area over the years, in the area between Toronto and Oakville. These people speculate there may be an entrance somewhere near the Lakeview Hydro-electric facility.

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