UFO Sighting in Oz Scares Residents as ‘Lights’ Hover for Twenty Minutes in Two Locations

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UFO sightings Down Under have worried residents and those who witnessed the odd phenomenon. Two separate people claim to have seen the exact same thing. This fact gives the sighting a bit more credibility, but does not explain in any way what was seen. Was it an alien craft? A government test?

According to reports, a man from Mudgeeraba was the first to spot the craft, along with his neighbors, who said that it looked like the “lights moved through the sky for more than 20 minutes before disappearing.”

Another witness, in the same town, said that she saw the same thing.

“It is vital for witnesses to feel they are not alone when they have seen something which they have never seen before and cannot explain. Witnesses can start to think they are going crazy because they do not understand why they have seen something while no one else has,” said UFO Research Queensland’s Sheryl Gottschall. “The two reports from the Mudgeeraba area are significant given they have been corroborated by two independent witnesses which makes their veracity more substantial.”

It is interesting that two separate people saw the same thing around the same time. Whether they knew each other and collaborated their stories or not remains to be seen, but as of right now, it looks like there was something strange hanging in the air over Australia’s Gold Coast.

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