UFO Sightings On and Around the Moon (Video)

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An amazing video posted on YouTube claims to show UFO activity on the lunar surface and unidentified flying objects hovering above the Moon. Can it be true?

The video, clips apparently taken from a longer documentary called “Moon Rising” is compelling because the objects caught on video don’t seem to be lens flares or smudges. They seem to be substantial and in motion.

The creator of the video, timw1959, uses clips which show the Moon in relief against the blackness of space. In two easily observed sequences, there is unusual activity which does seem to show that something is moving around on the lunar surface and flying through the sky.

The first UFO seems to be dipping in and out of a crater, identified as Langrenus. The object is black, rounded, and relatively large and appears to hug the crater rim for several seconds.

The second object is a white oval, similar to a classic flying saucer shape, which rises up into the lunar atmosphere and appears to be flying over the horizon.

The objects look real and don’t look like any known spacecraft, which is impossible. Are there humans exploring the Moon?

If they’re not man-made objects, what are they?

Here’s the video:

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