UFO Spooks Russian Driver Stoned on Spice

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A UFO sighting was at the heart of a police chase in Russia after a truck driver, admittedly stoned on the synthetic marijuana chemical called “Spice”, led cops on a wild ride as the man tried to escape a hallucinogenic vision of an unidentified flying object.¬†

In what may be the first incident of its kind (with many more to follow?) police patrolling the Moscow-Minsk highway on Wednesday observed a truck driver skidding across multiple lanes and driving erratically.

Chasing the driver down proved difficult until they were forced to blow out the truck’s tires. After bringing the vehicle to a halt and interrogating the man, he admitted to smoking the illegal substance.

It was then he explained he was trying to get away from the imaginary UFO which was, to his deluded mind, trying to catch him and the other occupant of the truck, who, police say, was intoxicated on the drug as well.

This incident is disturbing on many levels, but mainly because the drug has become so powerful it can cause people to “see” objects which are not really there.

Obviously, Spice, unlike it’s organic counterpart, is one harsh mellow.

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