UFO Spotted Above Reagan Airport in DC

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Should Americans be alarmed about the UFO filmed Wednesday hovering near a major Washington, DC airline hub?

These unexplained craft sightings seem to be increasing lately, and considering Reagan National Airport’s location in northern Virginia, this incident needs to be thoroughly investigated.

A bystander captured the mysterious event on video and posted the one-minute, eight-second footage on YouTube. A glowing orb-shaped light is observed hovering over the airport in one spot, so it could have been a helicopter, but there’s no way to know for sure.

The G8 summit is happening Friday at Camp David, about an hour’s drive from Reagan National Airport, prior to the NATO conference which commences Sunday in Chicago. So, any UFO activity in the region has to be alarming, considering the high-level dignitaries who have been converging on Washington, DC all week.

Presumably, the foreign leaders wouldn’t land at Reagan airfield, because it accomodates primarily domestic flights, but this UFO sighting should still be looked into.

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