UFO Spotted Over Polk County, Florida

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No one expected to see a UFO flying over Polk County, Florida, four days ago, August 3, especially the witness who was driving on Route 570 around midnight.

The flying object was described as “a disc or saucer with rotating lights around the outer diameter.” The witness went on to state, “From a distance it appeared that it was sparks trailing from a plane engine. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t sparks, but rather lights rotating around a disc. The lights were sequentially lighting counter-clockwise with occasional skips. The object wasn’t exactly parallel to the ground, but rather pitched at an angle of 5-10 degrees.”

According to Examiner.com the witness said that there was a lot of traffic on Route 570, and the area is a highly populated one.

“I was able to see the object from a few different angles as it moved from my right to left. There was enough daylight to clearly see it was not a plane, helicopter, blimp, or balloon.”

But there aren’t any videos of this craft, and it isn’t clear if anyone else in the 94,406 populated area or on Route 570 saw it, either. Proof is hard to get, but it would have been nice to see a video.

Florida has a high number of flying saucer sightings. In July, the state reported 35 sightings, the eighth highest reporting state. California had 100 reports in July which makes it the highest reporting state.

But do all these sightings of flying objects mean there are really aliens visiting our planet? There are quite a few television programs with teams of believers looking for proof of alien life possibly coexisting with us. Interviews are done with eye witnesses, and videos are shown of flying objects all the time. So far no real proof has been shown.

But why are there so many sightings in warmer climates like Florida, California, New Mexico, Mexico, and other places? Maybe the aliens like vacation spots as much as Earthlings do.

Keep searching the skies though, because these UFO sightings just might be real. But then again, maybe the sightings prove nothing more than that humans enjoy an occasional glass of wine.

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