UFO Stuns Swedes at Nature Preserve

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Visitors to a Swedish nature preserve were left frightened and perplexed Sunday, after seeing what they believe was a UFO in the sky overhead. They were able to catch the amazing sight on film, and the footage is amazing. It was taken at night, and the resolution of the tape is spectacular.

You can see a mostly linear formation of pulsating lights, but three of the orbs are actually in the shape of a triangle, which raises some interesting questions. Sure, some may scoff, and say this was probably just a radio tower, and they may very well be correct. But, who knows? The universe is a very mysterious place, and it’s not entirely inconceivable that there is intelligent life elsewhere in space. Whatever this UFO was, it definitely scared the heck out of these poor people, who were simply there to enjoy some nature.

“The crafts moved from right to left and then to right again shortly before leaving the nature reserve, many blinking crafts which were probably military swarmed the skies after this shining craft showed up,” the person stated. You can read a more detailed account of this Swedish UFO encounter, as well as view the astounding footage here.

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