UFOs Buzz New Zealand And Several Sightings Reported

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UFOs have been spotted recently all over New Zealand. It appears to be the latest hot spot for sightings of unidentified flying objects. Reports of “orangey and reddish lights” have appeared above Napier, Taranaki, and Christchurch on three separate nights. What are the sightings?


Scientists try to explain that the reports are merely sprites, which are lightening strikes, or more likely they are satellites. However, witnesses all report flashing lights on the objects about the same time, and the lights hover for long periods of time.

One witness explained the UFO like this, “All you could see was orangey and reddish lights, like fireballs. They were moving at a steady pace and went right over the top of us. There was no noise at all.”


Are all these sightings satellites? A UFO can be explained as phenomena, but lately New Zealand is a hot spot. AOL reports, “Just days after New Zealand authorities released 2,000 pages of previously classified UFO X-Files, mysterious lights were spotted over three locations.” It is worthy of further investigation to find out why these satellites or sprites suddenly appear three days in a row. People who report the sightings are all reporting similar experiences. If a UFO sighting is so easily explained, why are the files always secret?

New Zealand

New Zealand has filmed and reported other sightings, and people say that these most recent sightings are similar to others. Some people believe that UFOs can be explained easily, but why are the files classified? Do you believe in aliens?

UFOs sighted in New Zealand

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