UFOs Meet in Gila Bend, Arizona Skies

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It seems like the new meeting place for UFOs is now in the Arizona skies according to a witness who saw three groups of flying objects there.

The Canadian reports that a photographer saw the groups of flying crafts hovering around the sky in the hills near Gila Bend, Arizona. He managed to take five photographic images showing ten round, bright red unidentified flying objects. The group formed what looked like an arrowhead.

“I am an outdoor photographer,” the witness stated, “I shoot the sky all the time so I know what I’m looking at. Most of the time I can identify anything in the sky. But this time, I cannot explain exactly what I saw.”

The witness was at Gila Bend, Arizona, for a sunset photo shoot. He was focusing on shooting the sunset when suddenly his eye caught a strange object flying over the hills. He turned on his camera in order to capture the object and was able to get five pictures.

The object was made up of ten, bright red dots, flying around the area. The lights then formed as a group in an arrowhead shape.

Just a few moments later two more groups appeared. He was able to get the three groups gathered together, hovering above the hills, in one picture.

The witness estimated that the objects were about 20 miles away from him. They were moving erratically and the photographer was having a hard time capturing the crafts because they were only visible when they were lit up with multiple lights for a few seconds at a time. The objects couldn’t be seen when their lights went out.

As he was trying to figure what he was seeing the objects suddenly disappeared. The witness came back to the same location the next day but didn’t see them again.

Gila Bend is one of the most popular places for sightings of flying objects. In the last five years at least 12 sightings have been reported from the town. Many of them are lighted round shapes like this sighting.

The people who live in Gila Bend, about 2,000 of them, are very proud that unidentified flying objects flock to their town. To attract tourists many buildings are decorated with space and other themes of this nature. The area is almost like the Roswell of Arizona.

But some people might wonder if Gila Bend, Arizona has really had as many sightings of UFOs as they so proudly say they’ve had. Could it be that this small town with only 2,000 inhabitants are just looking for a way to get more tourists to visit them and to build up their economy? What could be in this area that would attract so many other worldly flying objects? Is something going on here by the government that would cause aliens to study it?

One thing cannot be questioned; there has been a huge increase of UFO sightings in the US and the rest of the world during the past few months. They’ve even be seen flying around the Space Station and one was sighted by NASA flying directly toward the sun.

Is this the beginning of some event that might happen soon? Is the Earth being watched? Should the people of this planet be concerned?

Keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.

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