Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 3 [VIDEO]

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We are in the second week into the fourth season of Ugly Betty. It seems the time change for the series has not hurt its viewers yet! People are still tuning in to watch Betty on her adventures. This season we are watching how Betty steps up into her new position as Associate Features Editor. We are also seeing the changes this new position is making in the relationships she has with those around her, including Daniel. Last week, hints were placed by others of a possible further relationship between Betty and Daniel, but we will have to wait and see how their relationship develops now that Betty is no longer his assistant. Will romance between these two blossom?

This week’s episode titled Blue on Blue is episode 3 of season 4 for Ugly Betty, and Betty always sees her time as an editor coming to an end if she doesn’t do something for her first issue at Mode in the position. While helping out Hilda at her salon, a friend says he might be able to get her a meeting with the new designer at Gucci. Hilda doesn’t believe it will happen, and Betty even tries to go to Matt about the possibility of it, but he is still trying to block her anyway he can. Sexual tension is obvious here between these two. Somehow Sammy, Hilda’s friend, manages to come through, and Betty gets her chance for a meeting with the designer that day. This couldn’t be more perfect because a spot in the issue of Mode has opened up. This means Betty has a shot to get into it and save her job in the process.

However, Marc is looking to steal her job from her, even if he has to steal this meeting from her. Betty has no idea of his plan though, and she happens to throw him a surprise birthday party. His wish is to see her go up in flames. Meanwhile, Daniel is having his own issues and trying to avoid a support group. He goes, and when he tries to skip out, someone else there makes him stay. Not for long though as they both so end up leaving together for doughnuts. Marc tries to sneakily make amends with Betty, but we have to wonder if he is really doing that or not. Nothing is what it seems when it comes to him. It looks like she has her interview though, even if she has to break into the man’s house to get it. After some quick talking, he is persuaded to have dinner with her to see if they will be a fit and he can tell his story to her. Marc ends up trying to use Matt to ruin Betty’s meeting. 

He has Amanda go out on a date with Matt to the same restaurant, and the world freezes. Hilda is working hard, and I mean that literally in order to get Justin money to attend private school. She even works a night at the restaurant her father works at. While there she blows up and causes chaos for Betty. The night just goes from bad to worse as both think they are on dates out with other people. This costs Betty the interview and sends her on the warpath to Matt. The two talk, and Matt lets her in just a little. Looks like these two might have a small shot at still making it work. Matt even ends up going to Amanda’s home to apologize for the night with a dessert. Betty is the next to show up on her doorstep, and Amanda tells her about Marc setting her up. She also tells Betty to move on from Matt. The next day at Mode, Betty confronts Marc, and so does Amanda. She is upset that Marc used her.

As for Wilhelmina, Conor has been found, and this sends her to a stake out in Bermuda. She sits outside his hotel waiting for the man to arrive. The two finally see each other though. However, she returns to Mode and says there was no meeting. Daniel’s sort of non-date with the woman from the group goes well, and he finally makes some peace with Molly’s death. Check out a scene from tonight’s episode and a promo for next week as soon as it becomes available below. What do you think of Blue on Blue?

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