Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 4 [Video]

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Ugly Betty is continuing to move forward with its fourth season. Betty is still the new associate features editor at Mode, and after last week’s episode things might be a little bit easier with her boss, Matt. That wasn’t her only problem though. This week’s episode titled The Wiener, The Bun and The Boob, and we open up with Daniel’s search for a new assistant. He finds one, but it isn’t Betty’s first choice of assistant for him. He finds a nice young man for him, but he goes with Lexy that sounds like Sexy for his new assistant instead. Betty is less than thrilled, but she finds out soon enough with her own workload that she might need an assistant of her own, and with her new position, she has the right to ask for one. She does, and that quest takes her to Wilhelmina, who gives her Marc for a few days to keep his nose and his million questions away from her daughter Nico. Neither Betty or Marc are happy with this arrangement. Wilhelmina’s mind is made up, and the two of them can’t fight it. They can fight each other though.

Meanwhile, Daniel is seeing he might not have made the best choice for assistant, but he is still making friends with the woman he met at the grief group. She even tries to talk to him about a group that sounds like a cult just from the brochure. Marc and Betty continue to fight, and the two finally go to Daniel to find out why Betty was hired as editor.  He doesn’t want to tell her they flipped a coin to make the decision, but Wilhelmina has no problem telling them. This angers Betty, but her and Marc are stuck working on Betty’s article about the hardest jobs in New York City together. Daniel also admits he made the wrong choice for assistant, but he didn’t meant for her to overhear him and Betty talking about how he hired her for her looks. He tries to apologize, but his hand ends up falling on a bad spot, her boob! This all happens while Marc and Betty head out to actually do these hard jobs. Betty does them all, but she gets Marc back when he has to dress up with her as a hot dog. He’s the bun.

At first he won’t do it, but she finally stands her ground and makes him do it. The two of them end up having to dance a Bollywood style dance in these costumes. They end having to rush back to the office for an emergency meeting, but not before the editor that tried to hire Marc for Vogue sees them both, and Betty hides that he is still an assistant and not an editor at Mode. The meeting is to decide which articles get cut from the magazine, and it looks like Betty will not make the cut until Marc comes in, and the two of them together manage to save the article. Daniel is also able to save himself by suggesting Lexy model and putting her into the photo spread for Betty’s article.  Betty writes it up, but she ends up sharing her byline with Marc. Something he has never had in all the years he has worked with Mode magazine. This looks like it will make a little truce between the two of them.

The other main plot tonight revolves around Wilhelmina and her trying to keep a job. She is still fighting with Cal and Claire, and she has even heard that someone might be brought in to replace her. This makes her kiss up to the two of them, even when she thinks the idea they have for a Gothic vampire issue cover for Mode stinks. Claire finally overhears her telling her daughter Nico that, and it puts Wilhelmina on even thinner ice. How long will she be able to last at Mode with how things are right now? Hilda also has issues. In order to spice up things in her relationship with Archie, she sends him a sexy nearly topless picture of herself, which accidentally ends up going to all his campaign. This ends up causing an explosion, but after she tells him why she did it, he calms down and he even defends her to everyone in a press conference. These two are definitely interesting to watch. Could he be the man she ends up with?

Ugly Betty has always been one of my favorite shows, and this week was funny and a joy to watch. Marc and Betty look to finally have made amends. At least until next week!  Check out below for a scene from this week’s episode and a promo for next week as soon as it becomes available. What did you think of The Wiener, The Bun and The Boob?

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