Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 5 [Video]

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Ugly Betty is still changing as the season progresses. She is setting into her new jobs as Associates Feature Editors for Mode. It seems her problems with her ex are behind her, and her issues with Marc looked to have been cleared up last week. Of course there is no way to know if any of that will last, but there is always hope isn’t there! This week’s episode, Season 4 Episode 5, is titled Plus None. The focus of this episode is a charity event that somehow Wilhelmina is honored for and has to throw the annual party for at her house. She had no idea about it before the announcement, but it seems Marc somehow had used one of her tax write-offs to donate to the charity over the last five years. The event called Style Cares is for for Tibetan orphans.

The plans for the party get underway, and it appears everyone at Mode in the upper department is invited. Betty, as an editor, even received an invite, and she has a plus one she can use. Her idea is to invite Matt to be her date, but when she goes to do that, it turns out he has plans to ask someone else. His first thought is to ask Amanda, but when she puts down the party he changes his mind. Betty next thinks to ask Daniel, but he already has other plans. He has hired on Natalie, his friend from group, to work as his new Betty, and all seems well with the arrangement, except Natalie seems to want to isolate Daniel from everyone. By the end of the episode, we see evidence as to why as we see a phone call that looks all too suspicious. What is she up to with Daniel and this mysterious group?

Betty decides to go the party anyway, and first she asks Amanda to try to find her a date. Amanda’s idea is to put an ad on Craigs List for Betty. Some men do show up, but Betty ends up finding out what Amanda did and leaves. After this disaster, she decides to just forget the party entirely, but Justin and Hilda work to change her mind, and Justin creates a dress for her that is a ten. She ends up at the party alone, and Matt ends up with a date, and also he finds a way to get the support staff into the party including Amanda. Betty and Matt see each other at the event, and they share a moment before Betty ends up being brave enough to dance on the dance floor by herself.

Other plots in this episode revolved around Claire and Cal. Daniel finally spots the two of them in a passionate embrace. This leads to an argument between the two of them. He was already upset because they cut a column out of the magazine that he wanted kept. Claire even goes to Betty for help, but it doesn’t work. As for Claire, Cal says something about the child she supposedly aborted. She actually put it up for adoption, and by the end of the episode she is making a call to find her son. As for the other child in this episode, Wilhelmina’s daughter looks to be dress out of the same closet as her mother. She didn’t kill anyone. Instead, Nico and the man that has been investigating the murder are the couple. She didn’t kill him. He’s the one helping her get money out of Wilhelmina. Money she doesn’t know her mother doesn’t have anymore. However, Wilhelmina will gladly find it in order to save her daughter from jail.

Next week, Betty looks to go after a new hot man. That should be exciting. Check out a scene from tonight’s episode and a promo for next week as soon as it becomes available.


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