Ugly Betty Season Premiere – Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 1 and 2 [VIDEO]

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Here we have it finally. The premiere episode of season four for Ugly Betty. The premiere was delayed a week, but no more delays. This week we have a special two hour episode as we see Betty finally tackle her dream job as an associate features editor for Mode Magazine. It isn’t a full editor job though, but a position like that takes time to build up to. For three seasons, we have watched Betty work as an assistant to Daniel, but now she is moving up. Someone’s misfortune was her gain. Last season, we saw the current editor die as she fell out her window and down to the ground below. This put a fight between Marc and Betty for the job. When it came down to it, the flip of a coin decided their fate, and Betty won the position. Now she gets the job, but it won’t be easy. Her most recent ex is also working at Mode, and he is her boss. No, it can’t be too easy for Betty. At the end of last season, we also had some of other things to deal with as Daniel’s wife died in the final moments of the season finale. Ugly Betty has always been one of my favorite shows, but with the night and time change, we will have to see how it manages.

In this week’s episode, we see both Betty and her nephew starting new journeys as we see their first days. Her first day as an editor at Mode, and his first day in high school. Public high school no less since he didn’t get into the performing arts high school. Their first days are less than ideal. Justin gets taunted and teased for how he dresses, and Betty has one problem after another. Everything from problems with her ex, her missing Daniel and her having to share an office instead of having her own. However, she is getting advice from all kinds of sources. From Claire to Wilhelmina. That one gets some good news as Claire and Cal decide to keep her on as Editor-in-Chief at Mode, but she has to answer to Claire for everything. 

The show would be nothing without Wilhelmina, and Daniel’s presence is even missed. He does return though, but he has trouble getting back into the country, and Betty has to once again bail him out. He gives her a lead on the insect article Mode is doing, and she makes a new friend in the process. Betty is even trying to fix things with Matt, but he won’t budge an inch. He says he no longer has any feelings for her. As for Wilhelmina, she is hiding someone in her apartment, but no one knows who. Marc thinks she is hiding Conor, but we have no clue. Marc sneaks into her apartment, and we can see he is even shocked to see who it is.  We soon learn it is Wilhelmina’s daughter with an all new look and blood on her hands. Who did she kill? Turns out it was her boyfriend, and her mother helped her clean up the mess from the dead body.

With Daniel’s return, he gets right back to work, and he sets things straight. He immediately gives Betty back her piece on insect jewelry, and he chastises Matt in front of everyone. This only angers Matt and everyone else Betty has been trying to win over. She had almost succeeded when Daniel came in and wrecked everything. She even has an amazing dream sequence where everyone tries to kill her. She tries to tell Daniel the next day about helping her and playing favorites, but her asking him to back off he doesn’t seem to take it well. However, Wilhelmina hates her pitch. She wants bigger. Betty ends up giving her bigger, and Wilhelmina is satisfied. She ends up having to schedule a photo shoot at the UN. The only problem here is the photo shoot needs to happen by the next day, and this leads Betty to ask for a favor of Matt and the rest of the staff of Mode. He pulls everyone in, but not too willingly.

However, Betty ends up having to go up Daniel when he has a rough night over Molly. She actually stays the night, and she is almost late with the shoot. There is trouble there with the photographer and the lack of translator for the models. That gets worked out, but when Matt and Betty end up fighting over a smiling mosquito and Matt accuses her of sleeping with Daniel, he comes in and punches Matt. This leads Wilhelmina to come in and throw both Daniel and Betty out of the shoot. Daniel first stands up to her and defends Betty, but Betty makes him to back off. As always she is there for him, and she tries to get him to talk to someone. The two are no longer boss and employee, but friends. Betty even went in to apologize to Matt, and we see a new Betty as she begins a transformation. As for Justin, he is having a hard time adjusting to high school. He gets picked on, and he goes to Marc for help. When Marc slips up to Hilda about the bully, she tells Marc to stay away from her soon. This only makes Justin mad, and he won’t even talk to her. To fix this, she makes a fake persona to connect to him on a social network. If he won’t talk to her, he might talk to someone else. She even goes back to Marc for help. She lets him talk to Justin whenever he needs help. Mother and son seem to work things out.

Ugly Betty has always been one of my favorite shows, and I’m definitely glad to see it back. Watching Betty finally move up and start to transform herself should be interesting to watch this season. However, we also have to wonder how the move to Friday night will hit the series with the ratings. Check out a scene from tonight’s episode and a promo will be included as soon as it becomes available. What did you think of the fourth season premiere of Ugly Betty?



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