UHO ‘Strange Sounds’ Hoaxing Begins (Video)

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The “strange sounds” paranormal curiosity catching fire around the world and on the web is in its early stages, but already, thanks to YouTube, hoaxing of the mysterious UHO phenomenon has begun.

These unidentified howling objects (or Uh-Os) have been circulating since November of 2011, but really took hold on the web since the Indonesian earthquake on January 11, 2012. They’ve increased steadily since with videos on the Internet pouring in from all corners of the globe on a daily basis.

A typical UHO “sighting” consists of someone using their web phone camera to record an “unidentified howling object,” of no discernible origin, blasting audio from an unknown source.

The similarity of the strange sounds is what has the paranormal community spooked in a way which hasn’t been since the crop circles phenomenon of the 1980s.

Of course, that curiosity has largely been debunked with some participants making films and writing books on the ways they were able to accomplish the hoax. Imitators still try to catch the world’s attention but have largely been ignored.

Much can be said of the UFO believers community as well, but personal, digital videography, via the recent rise of camera phones, has reignited the debate.

Naturally, this means that this latest round of paranormal incidents is subject to hoaxing as well, and today, it seems, the first spoof video was uploaded to the web.

Have a look:

What sets this video apart are the phony reactions from the young couple, the obviously staged action and dialogue, and one crucial error.

The strange sounds are not similar to the weird noises heard on other, more credible videos, and they sound like they’ve been dubbed in on a separate audio track. In other words, they’re just not “Cloverfield” enough.

Nice try, though!

Have you heard these strange sounds? Do you have a video of a UHO? Upload it to the web, and please leave a comment below.

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