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The ui4u.mt.gov website is the Montana Unemployment Insurance Division official website.  Montana state residents can check ui4u.mt.gov to claim unemployment insurance benefits online.  Apparently people are having difficulting accessing the ui4u.mt.gov website on Sunday, January 3.

When users try to reach the ui4u.mt.gov website, the request seems to time out.  The ui4u.mt.gov website is where Montana resident file unemployment insurance claims, file biweekly requests for payment, reactivate claims, ask for direct deposit of benefits, view and print 1099-G forms and review claim info.

As unemployment rises, more people are accessing state websites such as ui4u.mt.gov to get benefits.  Applying online is convenient unless you are unable to access sites such as ui4u.mt.gov. 

Is anyone else having problems reaching ui4u.mt.gov?  If you have any info, please share it with us.

Meanwhile, here is a YouTube video from CNBC about rising unemployment in the United States:


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