UK Airports reopen: Tips to rebook, go, and travel safely after the Ash Cloud in Europe Chaos

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It appears Heathrow will be open tomorrow as well as airspace across most of Europe. The tentative plan of moving passengers once again tomorrow around Europe on airplanes has been agreed upon and starting at 6am Tuesday the birds will be in the sky. The cloud of ash over Europe has seemingly lessened leaving little time to scramble and be ready to move over 7 million passengers who have been grounded. Shame on you Mr. Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano in Iceland who has been causing trouble.

(CLICK HERE if you want to see the troublemaker volcano in Iceland Eyjafjallajokull)

There are some things you can do to get a seat and get going to make your trip as smooth as possible.

1. Try to rebook your ticket online before calling the airlines. The websites are taking less time to rebook and get on available flights.

2. Call your airlines if you have special needs. We all want to get moving as quickly as possible, but if you have special needs make a point to let the airlines know of your situation.

3. Be patient. Yes, you can go but tossing a fit will only have people rolling their eyes. You won’t get to the front of the line any faster.

4. Be on time when you get to the airport (of if you are already there). Don’t lolly as your seat will be given away. The seats on the UK flights and Europe flights will be a premium for the next few days. Blow it and you will end up at the back of the line again.

5. Be kind. It is nobody’s fault the volcano erupted and so try to have compassion for others who are feeling the pinch, just like you.

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