Ultimate Father’s Day Gift is Jib Jab video

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Looking for something cheap, funny, and thoughtful to give Dad for Father’s Day this June 20? That’s this Sunday. Here it is! The ultimate video for Dad. How to say we know all you do for us.

Put Dad’s face in this video. It’s any Dad rapping with the lawnmower. He’s cool! He’s hip. He’s dad. That’s D.A.D., dad.

Jib Jab has done it again. Turn off those video games, and pay attention to dad. All the sacrifices Dad does for you and me, is in this geek video. It’s about a lawn-mowing dad who owns a mini van. He’s funny and too true.

It’s a great gift. It’s thoughtful. It’s cheap. It’s free.

I’m rapping in my head after I saw this, and I hope you get this for Dad even if you get him a gift. He’s Dad! He’s bad. He’s good.  ‘Cause he’s Dad!

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