Ultimate Nip-Slip: 3rd Nipple Found on Woman’s Foot!

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It’s one of those stories that should be reported seriously, but what can be said about doctors in Brazil finding a third nipple on the bottom of a woman’s… foot?

Actually, the discovery is a first. Most extra nipples are usually in the right area, just a bit misdirected. It’s even fairly common. It’s said that one in 50 women and one in 100 men have what is known as supernumerary breast tissue. Sometimes, even an extra pair. But on the foot?

The unidentified 22-year-old woman came in for an exam in the hopes of having the nipple surgically removed. She said she’d never experienced any pain and seems to have been just as surprised as her doctors. But the mind does wander a bit when thinking of the logistics…

For instance, what happens if she gets pregnant? Does her foot lactate? Does she wear a shoe-bra? Leak-proof socks? The list is endless… wait for it…

Got it! This gives her a leg up if she ever has triplets!


Unique: Extra nipples are usually found above the bellybutton, and doctors say it's the first time they have ever seen one on somebody's foot

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