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I’m here to be offensive for everyone to see

So you condemn me openly and silently agree

If one peels back the layers and examines more closely

There are more to human minds than he could possibly conceive


I am waiting for the right one, done whoring myself

It’s exceptions that perpetuate hypocrisy,

Detrimental to the health

Of a society; now women you can stop acting depressed

Because there are men who appreciate parts higher than your chest


They push me towards conformity

But if I had conformed, would I be

Capable of taking words and wielding them as I please?

Can’t see it, I believe that I was

Born to make a scene

I’ll remain loud and rowdy, proud, profound

And sound in what my mind perceives


They admonish me, say I’m distasteful

Tactless, and truly a waste of

Talent, but I’m not complacent

I can place their hate

Because I dared to differ

They hoped I would wither but I didn’t dither

I compared my potency to theirs and gained a clearer picture


I was born to raise hell,

And I raise hell well,

But I cannot seem to stand it when I’m sitting in a cell

I excel, but can’t dispel all of the rumors that they sell

Of me, it’s silly because it’s not worth their time, but they compel me to be


Better than before

One door closes, and two more

Open. I’ve had to pave this road

A dozen times and it’s become a chore

Though I’ve been battered, broken, and beleagered

I’m still at the fore

Captain of my soul, Henley’s words

Give hope and burn into one’s core




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