Uncensored Kate Middleton Topless Pics Posted in US

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The Kate Middleton topless photos will not be published in the UK say some sources. But they’ve already hit the web in the US, posted by a New York-based Men’s website.

The topless photos were published by the French print magazine Closer and immediately caused an outrage.

The pictures are grainy and shot with a telephoto lens. In them, the Princess is obviously enjoying a day in the sun and is unaware that paparazzi have their cameras trained on her.

The 11 low-quality pics show her, at first, wearing a skimpy two-piece bikini. But as the gallery unfolds, she takes off her top.

The other 10 photos show the Duchess of Cambridge lolling in a deck chair, with Prince William appreciatively enjoying the view a few yards away.

UK tabloids are already on record saying they will probably not publish the photos, but they’ve been scooped.

The US website Egotastic has no such sense of propriety and wasted no time picking up a copy of the magazine and scanning the photos, publishing them to the web.

For a look at the uncensored Kate Middleton topless photos, click here.

Image courtesy of Egotastic

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