Unclaimed Money Tips: ‘GMA’ Discovers Scam or Truth?

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‘GMA’ offers unclaimed money tips, which amounts to money that the United States is holding for American citizens until they claim it. Sometimes the unclaimed money includes: lost insurance refunds, uncashed overtime checks, or even forgotten apartment security deposits.

The U.S. claims that they have billions of dollars in unclaimed money. Wouldn’t it be amazing if some of that moola belonged to you? In these tough times, it sure would be nice!

The United States has all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia set up with a free website so you can claim you money. Be sure and type in all names that you have ever used, as well as ever state you have ever lived in.

“Good Morning America” decided to perform an experiment and see if random Americans really had unclaimed money to snag. At first, “GMA” found no one with any money due them. And then one lady came by, and because Motorola owes her money, the state of New York is sending her a check. Bingo!

The morning show found about 6 people out of 25 with only small to moderate amounts of money. And then they located a lady who thought her husband may have some unclaimed money. She did, but the amount may have been large because the state of New York required a notarized affidavit before they would send him a check.

Thanks “GMA” for doing this experiment and letting America know that the unclaimed money propositions are for real. So, go ahead and check out the websites and see if you have any unclaimed money just waiting in a bank for you.

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