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Silently I watch

the last lingering memory

of you in the mirror

lift until all traces

disappear like

a whisper in the wind

I never thought the day

would come when

I could no longer conjure

your smiling eyes

into my eyes

or remember how

you looked at me

with mild curiosity

through a drug haze

which consumed you

and I wonder

if the passing of time

has been good to you

even though I cannot

see a glimmer of the

god you used to be

when I was a little girl

watching you from

a childlike perspective

all doe-eyed with wonder

You seemed able to

pull the lightening from the sky

to dance amongst the

grass and oak trees

as you laughed

into the threatening sky

But time has left its scars

along the lines of my skin

Now who I know you were

doesn’t match the man

I dreamed you to be

and it’s a curious thing

to not know if you are alive

or if the earth is cradling

your immortal bones


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