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the documentary

seeks no financier

nor audience

for it remains

the sole property

of the director


hidden cameras

capture every angle

extracting footage

of inglorious hours

where an actor slips

into infringing darkness


yet the director

films unceasingly

until a closing scene

captures a feathered breath

on the cusp of a new day



Poetry Prompt: Write a poem with at least one metaphor in it.  For an example, look at my The Reckoning.  There are several principal metaphors in this poem: a recovering alcoholic as a cat, a plastic bag as a falcon, as well as minor ones, such as the plastic bag as a cave.

Prose Prompt: Write a short short story that is told via the device of interior monologue, that is, the thoughts going through one person’s head.  Keep it under 1000 words, please.  A classic example is Dorothy Parker’s A Telephone Call.  You really must read this if you haven’t already.  It’s a hoot.

Put Sunday Writing Essential in the title and SunWE in the tags.  Post by next Sunday if you can.  If you can’t , it’s cool.  Submit it when you can.  I will comment on every submission and put a link to it in the next column.  If you want a more candid, academic critique (but still very friendly, soft-pedal, positive), put the word “rigorous” somewhere in the post (e.g. “rigorous critique wanted”).




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