‘Undercover Boss’ Recap: ‘MasTec’

In the season finale, Undercover Boss follows Jose Mas, CEO of MasTec. The company is a large telecommunications and energy systems builder. MasTec is headquartered in Miami, FL and has over 9,000 employees around the country. Jose’s father, a Cuban immigrant, founded the company. His father was heavily involved with Cuban-American affairs in Miami, working for presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton in Cuban matters. After his father’s death in 2007 Jose became CEO. He’s tripled revenue and doubled earnings in that time. In addition to being CEO of the company, he also coaches his kid’s basketball teams. Jose is going undercover as Manny Medina.

The first stop on Manny’s journey is in Ft. Meyers, FL to work as a high voltage electrician. He’s working with Alex and Kelvin who have worked in the industry for ten years. The job on this stop is to set transformers in place and connect them. Manny is working the winch to move the transformer into place but he’s very slow. Manny next works to connect the transformer’s power and he’s slow at that also.

The brothers joke and tease a lot but they’re good and professional. They tell him they want to become qualified linemen but the company doesn’t pay for it. They also have to pay for their own tools. The brothers are from the Dominican Republic when they were young. Neither knew English but worked hard to get to where they are.

The second stop is a wind farm in American Falls, ID to work as a heavy equipment operator. He’s working with Wendy, a heavy equipment operator. The wind farm is on farmland. The company leases the land to build the farm but must return it in the condition they found it. The first job is to use a bulldozer to level some land but he doesn’t do a good job.

Although the job is in Idaho, Wendy lives in Louisiana and she and her husband (he’s the superintendent) only return home three weeks a year. She’s been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and is slowly losing her teeth. The community around the farm is not accepting of the farm or its workers. A local restaurant told the workers they didn’t want their money.

The third stop is in Dallas, TX to work in gas line maintenance. Manny is working with Rick, the gas foreman. The job is to replace the gas lines below the streets because they are very old. The job is very physical and Manny’s not used to it but he’s working hard. On lunch break Rick tells him the company was a good place until a couple of years ago. The bonus program is so difficult no one ever achieves it. Rick is engaged to be married to a woman with a mentally disabled sister and she goes everywhere with them and he loves it. The wedding date isn’t set because he doesn’t have the money to pay for a wedding.

The last stop is in Ponca City, OK to work on a transmission line. The job is to upgrade the transmission lines. Once again, the job is physically demanding and Manny struggles. He’s striking a pole into the ground and it’s hard for him. Hugh, the foreman, thinks his 11-year-old son could hit the pole harder. Hugh lets Manny try out the bulldozer out but he stops him because he doesn’t think Manny will be safe. Hugh lives in Georgia but works in Oklahoma. He got hurt on the job a while back and Jose Mas, Sr. met Hugh’s wife and told her if she or Hugh needed anything to come to him. Plus he took care of all the medical expenses. Hugh says he wishes Jr. would come out into the field to give a morale boost like his father.

The Reveal

The reveal is at the Freedom Tower in Miami. It is the place Cubans were first processed when they came to the country. The street it’s on is named after Jose Mas, Sr. Jose, Jr. tells Wendy the company will start doing community events when going into a new area to help relations with workers. He gives Wendy the time off to fix her teeth and the company will pay for it. He also gives her $30,000 to pay off her debt.

He tells the brothers the company will start paying for tools for the workers. He’s also paying for both of them to get their lineman’s certification. He names a $25,000 scholarship after them and he wants them to choose a kid in their area to receive it.

He gives Hugh a week’s vacation for him and his entire family to the Bahamas, all expenses paid. Jose also commits to visiting the field more often. He also gives Hugh $25,000 for whatever he wants.

Jose tells Rick the company is overhauling the bonus program so it’s more attainable. He also tells Rick he’ll pay for his wedding and honeymoon, $20,000. He also gives Rick $25,000 for his sister-in-law’s care so he can spend time with his wife.

The Aftermath

Rick got married and found a caretaker for his sister-in-law; Hugh’s family went on their vacation and paid off his debts; Wendy paid her bills and got her new teeth; the brothers earned their certification.

Stay tuned for more Undercover Boss next season.

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