‘Undercover Boss’ Recap: “The Dwyer Group”

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This new episode of Undercover Boss follows The Dwyer Group, a corporation made up of several companies focused on home and auto maintenance. Dina Dwyer-Owens heads the company as chairwoman and CEO. Dina’s father founded the company and she’s been involved since graduating high school. Dina became chairwoman and CEO when her father passed away. She goes undercover as Faith Brown, an Administrative Assistant for her husband. Her cover is she’s on a reality where she gets to try different jobs.

The Dwyer Group has 14 steps that all employees are to following when working in the field. The company believes the 14 steps provide continuity among the company and insures every customer gets the same service and experience no matter where they live in the country.

Her first stop is in Roswell, GA to work as a plumber in the Mr. Rooter brand. The franchise owner runs his operation militarily and requires his workers to stand at attention and recite the company’s code of values. Faith is working with Wayne, a master plumber. He is shocked to be training a woman. Wayne is a good and patient trainer and is impressed with Faith’s work ethic. Wayne is a proponent of the 14 steps and follows them.

Wayne reveals he is the father of a non-verbal autistic son. He also tells Faith Mr. Rooter is special to him, but there are issues, because his father worked there before him. The franchise is taking money from employee’s checks to cover materials. So instead of getting $1,000 he’s getting $500. The worst story was about a guy who worked 60 hours in one week but he owed the company $21.20. He wants to buy a house but is willing to quit over this issue. She excuses herself to use the restroom but instead calls the president of Mr. Rooter and tells her to fix the issue.

The next stop is Germantown, TN to work with The Grounds Guys, a new company in The Dwyer Group devoted to grounds keeping and landscaping. She is working with Jake, a supervisor. Faith’s first job is to cut the grass using a riding lawnmower. She has trouble driving the mower and the lines are not straight. Jake stands out-of-the-way to avoid injury and he’ll have to clean up the lawn later. They move on to cut down a tree. Jake’s been working in the industry since he was eight years old when his father had a business.

Jake is 20 years old and has worked for about 12 years, except for the little time when his truck broke down. His father recently committed suicide so he’s been the man, taking care of his four brothers. Landscaping was his father’s passion and he wants to continue that passion.

Stop three is in Deer Park, TX, working with Brock, a Mr. Electric franchise owner. He’s a master electrician and has owned the franchise for a little over a year and he does things differently. He uses his personal truck when out in the field but it doesn’t have any signage so no one knows he’s Mr. Electric. Brock tells Faith his franchise doesn’t do the 14 steps laid out by the corporation because he doesn’t think they’re necessary. He gets the job done his way, which he thinks is most efficient. They work at a hotel to install exit signs. She took a long time to install the sign, mainly because she was using hand tools. She periodically asks Brock if they should do something, based on the 14 steps, and he always says no.

The last stop is in Conroe, TX with Tanna, a female technician with Mr. Appliance. She is one of the few female techs in the company. Tanna was a stay-at-home mom with four kids. Their fridge broke and a franchise owner came to fix it. He asks her husband if he wanted a job but he already had one so she applied instead. Faith thinks Tanna is a good worker and she followed the 14 steps. Tanna is looking for a second job so she can make more money. She stops by to check on her family so Faith gets to meet them.

The Reveal

Dina, back in the role of CEO, holds the reveal at the Dwyer family ranch. She encourages Brock to try the 14 steps because she believes in them. She also gives him a gift certificate to put a sunshade with company branding on his truck. Brock’s not quite sure what to make of the suggestions.

Dina tells Wayne the president of Mr. Rooter is on top of the compensations issues and it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Wayne expressed an interest in buying a home for his family so Dina gives him $20,000 to use as a down payment.

Dina tells Jake she is very impressed with him and his work ethic. She tells him he will be a perfect franchisee so she’s going to give him one. She also gives him a new truck to replace his old one that breaks down. His new truck is waiting for him outside the ranch.

Tanna worries about getting fired but Dina tells her she’s amazing, an incredible mother, wife, and technician. She creates a program to help women come into the field and will pay her $5,000. She’s also giving her $10,000 to set up a college fund for her kids and a $25,000 bonus so she doesn’t have to take second job.

The Aftermath

Brock gets the sunshade for his truck; Jake takes a vacation; Wayne transfers to a Mr. Rooter closer to home; Tanna doesn’t look for a second job and helps the company create a “women’s cut” uniform.

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