‘Underdog’ Ricki Lake Says it’s a ‘Miracle’ She’s still on DWTS

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On “Dancing with the Stars,” Ricki Lake has been partnered with one of the judges’ favorite pros, Derek Hough, and has earned high marks and consistent praise each week. But the one-time talk show host is trying to claim she’s an underdog heading into the season finale next week.

“I’m sort of in shock,” Ricki told People after Tuesday night’s DWTS results show. “I was never the [original] frontrunner. I know everybody will say, ‘Oh, I picked her.’ No they didn’t. My odds were 10 to 1. I know because I checked it out on [bet-placing website] Bodog.com.”

She even pulled out the weight card yet again, saying she didn’t have the body of a dancer at the beginning of the season, before concluding, “It’s sort of a miracle that I’m still here. I’m really working hard. I’m really proud of myself.”

Sure, maybe in the beginning no one thought Ricki Lake had a shot at winning compared to some of the other contestants. But there’s no way she could think she was an underdog this season. She already had a dance background after appearing in “Hairspray” 20 years ago. She’s been at or near the top of the “Dancing with the Stars” leaderboard every week — and some weeks, she’s been scored too high because she’s paired with Derek Hough, who is obviously one of the judges’ favorite pros and every season they do whatever they can to get him into the finals. If anyone is the underdog, it’s Rob Kardashian, who has really improved as the season has gone on. Ricki’s drama and faux-humble attitude are getting really old, and it’s a good thing the season’s almost over so we don’t have to listen to her try to earn sympathy votes for her weight loss and “underdog status” anymore!

What do you think? Is Ricki Lake right that it’s a miracle she’s made it to the “Dancing with the Stars” finals? Is she full of it? Sound off in the comments!

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