Underwear bomb plot illustrates the absurdity of our strategy in the War On Terror

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The failed attempt to blow up a Detroit bound flight on Christmas reminded the world of the conflict that the United States has so foolishly become entagled in over the past nine years.

Now, terrorists merely have to find a Nigerian who is disgruntled with the power structure of today’s world– it is not hard when a majority of the population lives on less than $1.25/ day– and send him on his way.

The terrorists watch us take the bait time after time. They are so emboldened that they have downsized to single Ghazi (arabic for “he made war,” or “warrior) missions.

They know that we have an image of ourselves as some special, protected people, that are not to be messed with. Any perceived threat to that image is responded to with over compensation in the form of military build-ups, and sacrifices of civil liberties.

It is like implying to a hollywood actress that she could use to lose a few pounds. You end up with rehearsal being cancelled because the star keeps fainting from malnutrition.

The cost of sending a disgruntled convert on a flight is a good investment when it results in your enemy spending billions of dollars, and its people walking their way to a business flight in fear.

The Christmas attack was planned in Yemen where over 17% of the people live on $1.25/ day. The answer to our problem is not more fighter jets, armed marshalls on flights, or better X-ry machines at airports.

It may suck, but there is a way to prevent angry Nigerians from blowing up flights. It involves taking on the systems that keep wealth concentrated in the hands of a small minority of people, in an equally slim proportion of nations.

Forget national wealth redistribution– we need global socialist-leaning solutions to combat the hatred that we, Europe, and Asia have inspired in the 90% of the nations in the world who control less than 20% of the wealth.

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