Underwear Shortage – Inmates Forced To Wear Dirty Panties

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Yuck! There is an underwear shortage in the Illinois prison system and inmates are forced to wear the same panties multiple days in a row. Aside from the fact that it’s just gross not to wear fresh underwear – this is a serious health and hygiene concern. The shortage is not just underwear, but all clothes. However, it is wearing dirty panties, in particular, that is of the biggest concern for the inmates. The second day they could always flip their underwear inside out, but after that?

At the Taylorville Correctional Center in Illinois, The John Howard Association found that the inmates clothes were washed only twice a week. Each inmate is only issued two pairs of underwear because there is an underwear shortage. The John Howard Association was appalled by this discovery.

“The practice of administering used underwear that inmates must wear multiple days without washing raises serious hygiene concerns. The Department of Corrections must find a way to provide sufficient clothing for inmates.”

John Maki, director of the John Howard Association, believe the underwear shortage is not limited to Illinois, but is system wide, and “a symptom of larger problems such as overcrowding in the state’s prisons.”

Stacey Solano, a spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections, said they are doing their best, but times are difficult. “This issue is like many facing the state where budget constraints prevent us from being able to do mass uniform replacement,” she said.

Though inmates, at one time, were given a new uniform every six months, that is no longer the case. Taylorville has over 1,200 inmates – more than double the amount it was built to accommodate.

The rise of cotton prices has also contributed to the underwear shortage.

Everyone deserves to wear a clean pair of panties, even the worst of people.

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