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Two years ago, my parents, sister, boyfriend and I flew down to Orlando (from Philadelphia-which always makes for an interesting story when you leave that airport) to move my sister into her freshman dorm.  This momentous weekend of beginning of my sister’s college career was kicked off with an interesting start.

As luck would have it, the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale was just days before our trip to Florida. For those who have never entered Victoria’s Secret, it is a tad overpriced, to say the least.  The Semi-Annual sale is a holy day for the scavengers of the consumer world. They have some great deals, but they often require some digging, occasionally pecking and scraping, and a lot of patience to find.  After working hard all summer, I decided to treat myself to some a few new pairs of very soft underwear.

I stuffed my new purchases into my loyal travel companion; into the side pocket of my trusty, blue duffel. We arrived at the airport and watched our bags get whisked away to their very own private section of the plane. After an uneventful flight, we watched the other suitcases dance across the baggage claim carriage. As I spotted my trusty travel companion, I was especially shocked to see its side pocket unzipped. I pull it off the carriage and inspect its contents for missing items. Everything is in its proper place, except my newly purchased VS underwear with the tags still on.

My first thoughts were, “Who the hell steals someone else’s unworn underwear?” Followed by, “Hey my stuff has been tampered with. The first thing they always ask when you check in for your flight is if someone has tampered with your bags.  Does it count if it has been tampered with after you check in?”  I share my concerns and tale with the Orlando airport workers.  After a quick eye roll, I was handed a complaint form and immediately rushed out of the office.

We never solved the mystery of the missing underwear, however, I have not checked a bag since. I learned an important travel lesson during that trip– always be prepared and pack your underwear…in your carry on.

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