Unemployed ‘Sister Wives’ Adults Spend Money on Luxuries

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In the last episode of Sister Wives, TLC really bombed by trying to make Robyn’s pregnancy seem like it was in danger. Of course, everyone knows that Robyn and her baby are fine. Kody and Robyn rejoice at the welcome news that the baby is fine at the beginning of this episode. The spotting was considered normal and the family quickly resumes their day-to-day routine.

If you remember correctly, Kody and his wives had to quit working due to the sudden move. When this episode was filmed, not one of the Brown adults had a steady job, but they were looking into becoming Realtors. That is either going to be the financial blessing they are hoping for, or it will be an epic fail because of the economy.

Despite the fact that the Brown family is surviving only on savings and what money they make for filming Sister Wives, they decide that one room in each of the four separate houses needs an update. Remember that when they moved, they left most of their furniture in Utah because they were trying to move out really fast. They are paying for that choice now…literally.

The group of four sister wives and Kody head to the furniture store where they work with a really down-to-earth salesman. He helps them get exactly what they want and keeps a sense of humor about the situation. Robyn and Janelle both splurge on new bedroom sets. Meri and Christine both spend their money on living and family room items.

The episode ends with the sister wives spending even more money. They buy a Claddagh ring for Kody. It comes with three diamonds, but the sister wives add one more so that each wife is represented by a diamond.

This unemployed family of more than 20 people sure is spending a lot of money while claiming to be in a financially challenged state.

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