Unemployment numbers lower but what is the truth?

What are the unemployment numbers really. According to the administration, the unemployment number is 8.5%. That is down, but what is that number really? With the holidays, a lot of people got temporary jobs. That number also doesn’t account for people who just gave up on getting a job or they are so under employed they are not counted.

I personally know people with Master’s degree in engineering who are food baggers. I recently heard the real number is 15.5%. Also the number for blacks is 15.8% and that’s up from 15.5%. Why are we not getting the real figures?

Not all areas of the country are doing that badly either, so in areas were the unemployment is low like Oklahoma and Texas, those figures go into the mix making the administration look better. In reality, little has changed under this administration for the white or black workers except the blacks are suffering more.

I had trouble finding an article with the real numbers, so I got thisarticle from a year ago, but it basically states the real numbers from a year ago, and the it is not pretty. Of course, painting a nice picture is good for the economy and the President, but we need the truth. It is just making people angry to be lied to about the facts, and when you can’t get a job, it hurts.

 Here is another article. So what are we to believe?



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