Unexpecting the expected..

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Before I gave birth to my daughter, I expected my life to be at a stand-still.  I expected change.  I expected sleep deprivation.

I didn’t expect it to be such a shock.

I think I tried to psych myself out for all the changes, but I didn’t realize how profound the changes were going to be.

I’m in some sort of “new mother shock.”

It’s wierd for me to sleep when she sleeps.. but I LOVE those nap times.  At the same time, I feel so unproductive and lazy.  It’s left me conflicted.  I’m so tired, but I feel like I’m not pulling any weight in the day-to-day functions of our little household..

I also feel like I don’t have time to upkeep myself.  I feel fat and frumpy and just not myself.

My maternity clothes are starting to get too big, but my pre-prego clothes are still too small..

I’m in a wierd transition period..

How did you feel in the first month of “motherhood?”

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