Uniform Cameras Are Being Tested by Florida Police Officers

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New uniform cameras are getting a field test by Florida police officers.  These uniform cameras are shoulder mounted, and will give everyone using them a new tool in fighting crime.  It’s definitely an interesting concept, and certainly one that seems like something out of a spy movie.

The Bal Harbour Police Department is trying out these new tools right now, possibly breaking new ground in how police work is done.  The dual purpose of them is to help with prosecuting cases and to help protect the officers on duty, possibly creating a safer work environment for the officers.

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The cameras will be tested for 30 days, at which point the department will decide if it is worth purchasing them at $4,000 each.  If they yield good results, it seems like a very innovative way of upgrading the police department’s gear.  With a camera there during every encounter an officer has, it could also raise the accountability factor that the officers have placed upon them.

It seems a bit intimidating to be asked to have a camera record everything that you are doing on the job, but it could be the next logical step in making the job a bit safer for our police officers.  If a criminal knows that they are being taped by the officer speaking with them, maybe it will cut down on the discrepancies between a suspect’s version of events and what the officer witnessed.

What do you think about these cameras?  Could it cut down on crime while increasing the safety level for officers at the same time?  Are they worth the cost?

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