Union Hater Rush Limbaugh Member of a Union?

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The hypocrisy continues! Blowhard radio personality Rush Limbaugh, along with Glenn Beck and other anti-union personalities are members of unions.

It seems that all that anti-union rhetoric coming out of these guys’ mouths is nothing but the stinky remains of a prolonged chili-induced belch.

Limbaugh, who has called union workers “bottom-feeding freeloaders,” is himself a member of the Amer­i­can Fed­er­a­tion of Tele­vi­sion and Radio Artists (AFTRA), an AFL-??CIO union.

Let’s get this straight. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and other right-wing nutjobs who think unions are for freeloaders…are union members themselves?

Cue the rationalizations and apologists now, please.

In the growing whirlwind of revelations regarding Governor Walker’s plan to bust public service unions, recall suggestions are being tossed about on both sides, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association is collectively telling the Governor just who its members are standing with. And they aren’t siding with Walker.

So, one has to wonder, what do Rush Limbaugh et al. gain from bashing people who only want their rights to collective bargaining intact? They’ve already made more than $100 million in concessions, but Walker wants more.

The anti-union rhetoric spewing from right-wing talking heads leaves us all scratching our heads. So Limbaugh, do you plan to relinquish your membership in your union? After all, members are nothing more than bottom feeders.

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