Unique Sour Candy is Safe Remedy for Constant Morning Sickness

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I’m coming into my eighth week of my first pregnancy, and for almost four weeks I’ve had constant nausea. It’s gotten so bad I’ve been living on crackers and water. I’ve been looking for any kind of relief from the morning sickness, and three days ago my mother-in-law came to the rescue. One of her coworkers is also expecting her first baby, and she discovered Preggie Pops at the local mall.

Preggie Pops are sour suckers (there are also hard candies) made from natural food ingredients. The recipe, developed by Three Lollies, varies from flavor to flavor, but includes things like brown rice syrup, ginger, and mint.

Based on my mother-in-law’s recommendation, I looked for the morning sickness candies online. I found them at several online stores, including Amazon.com and ThreeLollies.com, but since I’ve been suffering for so long I decided to call around town before waiting the 3-5 days that shipping would take, and lucked into finding them at our local maternity store (I live in a very small town, so I was delighted to find them just a few minutes away).

The package I bought was the Preggie Pops Drops Sour Fruit Blend, which has 21 individually wrapped hard candies in four flavors: sour raspberry, sour tangerine, sour lemon, and green apple. They’re a little more discreet than the lollipops–great if you’re at work or around small kids. I started eating one as soon as I got home, and by the time the piece of candy was gone, so was my nausea–for the first time in weeks! That night I was able to eat a real dinner with my husband.

Preggie Pops are a little expensive (the maternity store charged just over $6 for the package), but the relief I found was so worth it. I eat two or three a day between meals and haven’t felt this good–and hungry!–since I found out I was pregnant. The only downside I’ve noticed is the candies can make your mouth a bit raw if you eat too many too often, but it hasn’t been bad enough to make me stop eating them.

I would definitely recommend these morning sickness candies to any woman who is suffering from chronic nausea.

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