Unpacking The Winter Clothes

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With weather forecasts of colder weather coming, I figured it was time to unpack the winter clothes. So far we have only had a couple of cold days this fall, but I am sure that we will get plenty more eventually.

Even though I have spend most of my life in places with four seasons, I have never been fond of the colder temperatures. After three years in South Florida my body seems to have adjusted to the extreme heat, which means I start freezing as long as soon as it gets under 70 degrees.

Lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with having a lot of stuff to get done, but not being able to finish anything, since I am always interrupted. Well, after the kids went to bed I decided to confront the clothes bins head on. Between my brothers, my dad, my husband and my own travels back and forth from Europe to Florida we have been able to get most of the kids clothes over here, and I have been pretty good at organizing it. (Shipping cost was just outrageous)

When it comes to clothes having three boys definitely pays off. When my oldest son were little we lived in places with four seasons as well, and we did not leave the cold temperatures until my toddler were almost one, so both my toddler and the baby are completely set with winter clothes.



Last night I got the baby’s clothes sorted, as he has gone up a size it seems, and I almost finished my toddlers drawers as well. The little ones have more winter clothes than they need it seems (at least I hope so), and I did a lot of clothes sorting. Anything that looked a bit worn were thrown in the give-away pile, and so were things the boys rarely wear.

I already have a bin full of clothes to be freecycled, so I am going to do a rough divide into sizes and get it out of the house. Hopefully it will all be gone by the weekend. I also have to get my magazines (all the free ones), and some other stuff freecycled to get rid of some clutter.



I know I could easily just drop of the clothes at Goodwill or the Salvation Army, but Freecycle has been a huge help to my family, and I like to give back that way. Besides, some of the people who use Freecycle, might not be able to afford spending $1 or $2 on a pair of jeans or shirt for their kids.

When we first moved to Florida we did so with a couple of suit cases each, as we simply could not afford the shipping costs. Through Freecycle we were able to get dressers, toys and clothes for the boys, Christmas decorations, sewing machine, bike and much more, so now that we can it is definitely time to give back.


How do you keep the hand-me-downs organized?

Do you use Freecycle?


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