Until the Dawn

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Until the Dawn


come unto me

you gorgeous soul

we’ll pluck the fruit of ripened love

become immersed in blinding heat

with mellow lips and suckled teat

your famished need to feel me deep -

so deep – within your fettle frame

your sensate soul

you’ve let me win


you wield your love


so ably meet expectantly

at passion’s pelvic portal

thrown open wide in welcoming

“please come inside” your silent plea

our longing seen

in loving eyes


no finer place on

God’s green Earth

than in your arms that hold me close

my heart is won in rapture’s gift

with giddy glee – we lust imbibe

and feast upon such bounty blessed

arrayed in us – here – in our bed

we feast until we’re ripe to burst

with greed we gobble every bite

each morsel sweet, no dainty deigned -

without respite,

we eat it up


with love like this,

we’re never done

but rest we must – our fingers lick

each single one unto the last

to touch and taste your hot, pink gleam

I am your wish

you are my dream


with sated souls

so full and fat

we rest – recline – with limbs entwined

and lying here so bare and close

our hands won’t leave our lust alone

softly caress where we have been

we’ll reengage – again – again -

until the dawn’s soft morning light

seeps in between the slatted blinds

to kiss our lips that can but smile

in well-earned rest

for all we’ve done

so well


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